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Our Strategy for Success

Energize every worker at every CWA workplace.

If you’re a member, step up and become an activist. If you’re not a member, join CWA today. This is critical across our union, at public sector and private sector employers. This is how we will stop the privatization of Medicare, stop attacks on working families and remind employers that they can’t push us around.

Make sure all bargaining is strategic and coordinated.

CWA members in every sector have faced employer demands to contract out and offshore our jobs, cut benefits and diminish our working conditions. CWA has a record of success in lasting one day longer than management, on the picket line or at the bargaining table.

This year, CWA will be negotiating more than 80 contracts covering some 88,000 workers.

We will coordinate bargaining as never before, sharing information and strategies throughout our union, and fighting giveback demands.

CWA STRONG: Standing Up for Our Jobs and Our Families.

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The CWA Strong Pledge

CWA STRONG is a challenge to all of us, to create a shared understanding of the forces that seek to derail the gains we’ve made. We’ll use the smarts we’ve acquired in decades of organizing, bargaining and mobilization to reach every member, strengthen our union and protect good jobs, wages, benefits and retirement.

I pledge to be an active member of my union. I will make my local stronger by encouraging non-members to join and doing whatever it takes to protect our jobs, wages, benefits and retirement. I am CWA STRONG.