Volume 74, Issue #1, Spring 2014

Working Together: America Needs a Raise

America needs a raise. Productivity, corporate profits, executive pay and the stock market keep going up, but working families only have seen their wages stagnate. There is no evidence of any economic recovery for most working women and men in the US.

Under TPP, Multinationals Could Challenge US Laws, and Win

Multinational corporations are celebrating the new advantage they hope to get under the TPP. TPP would allow corporations to sue governments over any laws or regulations that could affect their "expected future profits."

Notice Regarding Union Security Agreements and Agency Fee Objections

As a general matter, employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement containing a Union security clause are required, as a condition of employment, to pay an agency fee equal to normal Union dues (and, where applicable, initiation fees). While the wording of these clauses is not perfectly uniform, none requires more than the payment of this agency fee to retain employment.

Fast Track is the Wrong Track

Across the country, CWA activists joined with Sierra Club, Green Peace, Food and Water Watch, Common Cause and dozens of other allies in an unprecedented ten days of action aimed at stopping "fast track" legislation for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other trade agreements.

Raise the Minimum Wage

No question about it, minimum wage workers need a raise.

A CWA Member Tells Senators that Workers Are Losing Ground

Naomi Bolden, Vice President of CWA Local 2204, tells Democratic Senators that the economy isn?t working for working families.

Fast Track and TPP: Lost Jobs, Lower Wages

When ordinary Americans learn more about ?fast track? authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, they recognize it as a bad deal for workers? jobs and wages, small business, food safety and the environment. This trade deal has been negotiated in secret for nearly four years. Now, as the multinational corporations and trade negotiators are closing in on the final round, they?re pushing for ?fast track? authority, which would block Congress from amending or improving the deal in any way. The House and Senate would be limited to an up-or-down vote on the entire package.

Why U.S. Workers are falling behind

The global economy doesn?t have to mean stagnant real wages, no bargaining rights and no voice on the job. In fact, in most other democracies, collective bargaining rights are expanding.

America Needs a Raise

America needs a raise. Productivity, profits, executive pay and the stock market keep going up, but the incomes of working and middle class families keep going down. The gap between the rich and the rest of us is growing, and that makes it harder for families to maintain a middle class standard of living.