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Growing Our Union Power by Building a Movement

A core principle of our labor movement is that when working people join together, we have more power to make positive change than we do on our own. The same principle applies to CWA’s work with other organizations and constituency groups. When CWA members and retirees join efforts with other unions, civil rights, labor, environmental, government reform, and advocacy organizations, we can remake our democracy and push back against the 1%.

CWA Growth Funds help facilitate these connections between CWAers and our allies such as the Change to Win Strategic Organizing Center, a coalition of labor organizations fighting for economic justice. As part of that coalition work, CWA members partnered with Good Jobs Nation to organize numerous stops on a Midwest Pickup Tour raising public awareness of how, despite his campaign promises, the offshoring of American jobs by U.S. corporations has increased to record levels on President Trump's watch.

“Our work with Good Jobs Nation helped us draw media attention to how the offshoring of good jobs harms working people and communities, highlight the importance of passing CWA’s legislation to protect call center jobs, and call on our elected officials to take concrete steps to help bring good jobs back to the U.S.,” said Local 4320 Chief Steward Renee Rouser, an AT&T call center worker in Youngstown, Ohio.

The Growth Fund also supports CWA’s work with coalitions that are fighting for economic justice and challenging the power of Wall Street. CWA members helped pass a Responsible Banking Ordinance in Los Angeles last year, ensuring the city will not do business with banks that have predatory sales goals that harm workers and customers.

In support of a resolution passed at CWA’s 76th Convention by the National Women’s Committee and the National Civil Rights and Equity Committee, the CWA Growth Fund has provided resources to fight gender and racial discrimination and harassment on the job and in our communities. Additionally, Growth Fund projects have expanded CWA members’ work with civil rights groups and allies. This work includes remaking our democracy by expanding voting rights and pushing back against voter suppression efforts across the country and participation in the renewal of the Poor People's Campaign, a multi-racial movement to address the root causes of poverty.