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Bargaining Update: On the Line at Frontier/NBC Universal

Frontier Communications

CWAers at Frontier Communications in West Virginia and Ashburn, Va., continue to mobilize while negotiations continue. The current contract has been extended into early March. The 1,600 CWA members have put Frontier on notice: “We’re standing together for a fair contract, and that means keeping good jobs in our communities.”

NBC Universal

NABET-CWA and NBC Universal bargainers have held two rounds of negotiations for a new master agreement. The contract covering about 3,000 workers expires March 31.

NABET-CWA President Charlie Braico, who heads the union bargaining team, expressed optimism that NABET-CWA and management are sharply focused on reaching a deal on time.

Committee members are Lou Marinaro, Rob Weiss, and Max Sicherman, New York, Local 51011; Mike Judge, and Bob Williams, Washington, D.C., Local 52031; Ed Dabrowski and Don Villar, Chicago, Local 54041; Steve Ross and Warren Stern, Los Angeles, Local 59053, and NABET-CWA General Counsel Judi Chartier.

CWA President Chris Shelton joined the NABET-CWA bargaining committee for the opening session and reminded management that NABET-CWA members contribute greatly to the achievements and success of NBC Universal, and a fair contract is the way to continue that success.


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