Program Overview

Welcome! The CWA Customer Service Program and National Political Department are partnering to develop a new pilot, the Customer Service Political Engagement Program! This year, 2018, we’re rolling out the program in North Carolina to engage with customer service members in the state.

The goal of the program is to develop customer service members into activists who are armed with political education, leadership development and action plans to build worker power in North Carolina. And then, establish a statewide customer service committee focused on engaging customer service members in political, legislative and organizing fights in the state.

CWA Political Activist Training

The foundation of this pilot is built off the widely successful Political Activist Training, developed by CWA’s National Political Department. The training was first developed in 2012 when it was clear that there was a need for a larger and more sophisticated activist program that had a consciousness-raising component at its core. Since then, the training has produced over 1,000 member activists who have taken action to build our political power through PAF, win major local elections for progressive candidates who support CWA and more! Read more about the Political Activist Training here.

Customer Service Political Engagement Infographic