2019 Customer Service Week of Action

OCTOBER 7-11, 2019


CWA’s Customer Service Week of Action is a celebration of customer service workers that recognizes the important contributions we make to our communities and economy. For this year's Customer Service Week of Action, we're united in solidarity with Maximus workers who are fighting for a union and fair wages. 

Maximus employs about 10,000 customer service agents at eleven call centers it operates under a contract with the federal government to respond to inquiries about Medicare and the federal Affordable Care Act exchange. Maximus pays its customer service professionals as little as $10.60 an hour despite the critical service they provide.

As workers unite to form their union, the company has responded with a campaign of fear and intimidation aimed at stopping workers from joining together for a voice at work. We're united in solidarity with Maximus workers as they fight for a union!


Make sure you're following Customer Service Action Network on Facebook and on Instagram (@cwa_csaction) to see all the photos from the action! And check out Call Center Workers United on Facebook to leave comments of solidarity for Maximus workers. 


How Can I Participate in the Week of Action?

Here's how you can take action to show solidarity with Maximus workers during the week of action: 

  • Sign the petition to support Maximus workers. Click here to sign.
  • Take a photo with our solidarity sign we can post on social media and share with Maximus workers 
    • Send the photo to swalling@cwa-union.org or just text the word SELFIE to 69866 for instructions on texting in your photos.
      • Please include your City, State, and Local Number!
      • Feel free to also share your photos on your own social media accounts. Use the hashtag #UnitedwithMaximusWorkers


Share on Social Media

Download the graphic below to share on social media to spread the word about the week of action!