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Broken Connections: An Alternate Shareholders Report

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On, May 3, shareholders celebrated at Verizon's annual meeting in Huntsville, AL. The company has made billions in profits. They gave their CEO a 200% raise. The feds and numerous state governments gave them massive tax breaks.

Sounds like business is good, right? So why is Verizon out to gouge customers and destroy middle-class jobs?

The answer is simple: GREED.

For Verizon's top brass, no amount of profit, no bonus, no salary will ever be enough. And while they squeeze customers to line their own pockets, they simultaneously downsize their workforce, outsource to cheap – often overseas – labor, and slash employees' health care and retirement plans to fill their pockets even further.

In Huntsvile and in hundreds of other cities around the country, union members, people of faith, students, environmentalists and civil rights activists stood up against corporate greed at Verizon.