New York Property Taxes: Cap on Common Sense

Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a deal with state lawmakers over pending legislation to enact a property tax cap in the state.

Democrats Join the Raid On Union Bargaining Rights

"Politicians of both parties have been tough on public employees in this recession, balancing state and city budgets through layoffs, wage freezes, furloughs, and benefit cuts."

TSEU Candidates Take Top Three Spots in Board of Trustees Election

TRS certifies Board of Trustees election results - TSEU candidates take top three spots!

Department of Labor Honors 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers

On May 5th, The Department of Labor honored the Memphis Sanitation Workers who went on strike in 1968 by inducting them into the Labor Hall of Fame.

Efforts to Curtail Private-Sector Unions Faltering

"Not content to target only public-sector unions, Republican lawmakers in more than one-quarter of the states this year launched their most ambitious attempt in about generation to break up union shops in factories, offices and other private-sector workplaces."

New Attack on Labor Educators and Academic Freedom

Labor Notes: "Right-Wing Hoaxster Smears Labor Educators"

Ryan Medicaid Block Grant Plan Would Lead To disasterous Results

A new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Legislative Alert From Texas

A Legislative alert from Texas

Florida Republicans Wavering On Anti-Union Law

Some good news from the sunshine state!

Obama Needs A Budget to Match his Progressive Ideals

For perhaps the first time since being sworn into office, President Obama has articulated, in eloquent terms, what it means to be a progressive.

What Happens If We Lose Dues Check-Off? Check-Off by Other Means

As public workers from Wisconsin to Idaho face legislative efforts to eliminate dues check-off rights, how we fund and sustain our organizations has become a central question.

Assault on Public Unions an Affront to Women’s Historic Gains

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's slash-and-burn approach to public sector unions -- imitated by over a dozen Republican governors across the nation -- is the political equivalent of slamming women's labor history into reverse.

Civil Rights Icon James Meredith Speaks to CWA Members

Last week, civil rights icon James Meredith visited with CWA members in Mississippi to help them prepare for their April 4th actions.

Top 5% Holds 63.5% of the Country’s Wealth

A new EPI paper finds that the distribution of wealth in the United States is even more unequal than the distribution of wages or income.

Wisconsin’s Most Dangerous Professor

Why are Republicans desperate to see Bill Cronon's emails? Because ideas and history matter.

You Pay More In Federal Taxes Than GE

An Article from the New York Times on GE's tax strategy and how it allows them to avoid paying taxes altogether.

A Framework for Deficit Reduction

A new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Judge: Christie’s Budget Left Schools Unable To Meet Educational Obligations

Gov. Chris Christie's deep cuts to state school aid last year left New Jersey's schools unable to provide a "thorough and efficient" education to the state's nearly 1.4 million school children, a Superior Court judge found today.

Governors are Proposing Further Deep Cuts in Services, Likely Harming Their Economies

A new report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities discusses how budget cuts will actually harm their state's economies.

A Timeline of Public Worker Protests

The Washington Post gives a good summary of how these events unfolded.

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