Networking the Green Economy Report

CWA's Speed Matters project, along with our partners, has recently updated its joint report Networking the Green Economy: How Broadband & Related Technologies Can Build a Green Economic Future.

Networking the Green Economy

Nov 11, 2014

US Broadband Policy Shouldn’t Give a Free Ride to a Handful of Companies at the Expense of All Users

CWA issued this statement concerning President Obama’s statement yesterday on net neutrality. Read More

Aug 6, 2014

End of Sprint Bid for T-Mobile is Good News for Workers, Consumers

The merger of these two competing companies would likely have meant more job loss since both companies have a track record of offshoring U.S. jobs. Had the merger gone forward, the two companies likely would have bragged about new synergies that would enable them to cut even more U.S. jobs. Read More

Jul 15, 2014

NAACP, CWA Call for ‘Strong, Legally Enforceable Rules’ on Open Internet

CWA and the NAACP call for Open Internet rule that is consistent with promoting job-creating investment and closing the digital divide. Read More

May 22, 2014

COHEN: Worldwide Labor Alliance Must Confront Virulent Anti-Union Efforts in U.S.

CWA President Larry Cohen urged a worldwide conference of trade unionists in Germany this week to join efforts to revive and sustain the American labor movement under relentless assault from corporations and reactionary political forces. Read More

May 22, 2014

Truth to Power: Fired T-Mobile Workers Questions CEO About its U.S. Labor Practices

How is it that Deutsche Telekom manages to ignore criticisms from home and abroad of subsidiary T-Mobile US for violating the rights of workers, Josh Coleman wanted to know? Read More

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