Voices of Our Movement

Listen to CWA members from around the country as they share their personal stories about why they are building our movement then add your story! Click here.

CWA Members: Voices of Our Movement

Jun 19, 2015

CWA Statement on the Murder of Nine African American Citizens in Charleston

In the wake of the shootings in Charleston of nine African American citizens, we must stand together and confront the realities that drive such violence. Read More

Jun 18, 2015

‘Journey for Justice’ Spotlights Need for Action on Voting Rights

The NAACP announced America's Journey for Justice, an 860-mile March from Selma, Alabama, to Washington, DC, starting Aug. 1. Read More

Jun 11, 2015

Shelton: ‘Will You Stand Up and Fight for Every Member of CWA?’

In his opening address, CWA President Chris Shelton pledged to spend every day for the next four years strengthening our union and rebuilding our beloved labor movement. Read More

Jun 11, 2015

Cohen: ‘Change is Possible’

In his last keynote address as CWA President, Larry Cohen told delegates that "we can't keep playing by their rules - the deck is stacked, the dice are loaded, the game is fixed." To change that stacked deck, "we need allies and deeper coalitions because the obstacles are that much tougher. Read More

Jun 4, 2015

Stay Connected with Larry

President Larry Cohen is ending 10 years as president of CWA on June 8. Stay connected with him by signing up on his website. Read More

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