Voices of Our Movement

Listen to CWA members from around the country as they share their personal stories about why they are building our movement then add your story! Click here.

CWA Members: Voices of Our Movement

Mar 26, 2015

Movement Building

Chicago Mayoral Candidate Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia visited CWA Headquarters on a recent trip to Washington, D.C., to share with supporters his roadmap to victory. Read More

Mar 5, 2015

Labor Leaders join Lawmakers to Announce Opposition to Fast Track

As part of a day of high-stakes lobbying of their members of Congress on Capitol Hill yesterday, CWA members attended a press conference where Congressional and labor leaders announced their opposition to Fast Track for labor deals, especially the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Read More

Mar 1, 2015

Fast Track is the Wrong Track

Across our union, CWA activists and allies are fighting back against "Fast Track" and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We're signing petitions, sending hand-written letters and calling our Members of Congress to make it crystal clear: Fast Track and the TPP are a bad deal for U.S. workers. Read More

Mar 1, 2015

Big Money in Politics Gets Even Bigger

In its Citizens United decision in 2010, the Supreme Court affirmed that money equals speech and corporations equal people. That decision, combined with last year's McCutcheon decision that allowed virtually unlimited political spending, has enabled a flood of dollars from corporations and the wealthiest Americans to cripple our political process and drown out the voices of ordinary citizens. Read More

Feb 12, 2015

Opposition to Fast Track for TPP at a Boil as Congress Recess

As Members of Congress return home for recess, they will be confronted with rallies and town hall meetings where constituents, CWAers and partners, have one message for them: Vote No on Fast Authority for trade deals. Read More

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