Mar 27, 2014

‘Cesar Chavez’ Film Opens March 28

This weekend, make time to go to the movies and check out "Cesar Chavez," a new film on the courageous life of the farmworker organizer who believed that his job as an organizer "was to help ordinary people do extraordinary things." Read More

Mar 20, 2014

Take a Stand and Support Customer Service Workers in Morocco

On February 13, the Total Call call center in Casablanca, which is owned by the French telecom group Iliad, fired five leaders of the Union Marocaine du Travail (UMT) just one day after they officially registered as a local union in the company in accordance with Moroccan law. Read More

Feb 27, 2014

German Union ver.di Leading Fight for Fairness for Amazon Warehouse Workers

You know you're in trouble when the headline reads: "Amazon Worse Than Walmart." Amazon is known for its worldwide distribution network of just about everything. But increasingly, it's also become known for its ruthless treatment of workers and some of the worst working conditions anywhere. Read More

Feb 20, 2014

1 Million People Demand Better Banks

More than 1 million people demanded better working conditions in the United States financial industry in the streets and through social media on Tuesday. CWA partnered with UNI Finance and the Committee for Better Banks for the global day of action that culminated with an international delegation of workers protesting in front of Citibank's headquarters on Wall Street to denounce the inequalities and injustices faced by America's bank workers. Read More

Dec 12, 2013

Solidarity with Amazon Workers, in the US and Germany

On Monday, Dec. 16, CWAers and other union activists will rally outside Amazon's worldwide headquarters in Seattle to show their solidarity with Amazon workers in Germany who are holding a rolling strike. Read More