CWA Supports America's Journey for Justice

From Aug. 1 to Sept. 16, activists will march from Selma, Alabama to Washington DC to advance a focused national advocacy agenda that protects the right of every American. Read more.

Journey for Justice Map

Aug 27, 2015

Thousands of Working Ohioans Show Up to Protest a Koch Brothers Summit

More than 3,500 working people, including hundreds of CWAers, showed up in downtown Columbus, OH, last week to protest a summit funded by the billionaire Koch brothers that was all about how to undermine the collective bargaining rights of American workers. Read More

Aug 27, 2015

The $64,000 Question

Are you ready to take the "$64,000 Democracy for All Video Challenge?" Read More

Aug 20, 2015

CWA President Shelton Joined Celebration of 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Institute

CWA President Chris Shelton helped celebrate last week the 50th anniversary of the A. Philip Randolph Institute, named for the civil rights leader who fought for workers' rights and civil rights across America. Read More

Aug 20, 2015

Senator Sherrod Brown Blocks Trade Nominee over TPP Secrecy

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) just went toe-to-toe with the White House and refused to blink. Read More

Aug 20, 2015

“America’s Journey for Justice” Coming to the Nation’s Capital on September 16

It's Destination Washington, D.C., as members of the NAACP, CWA and many other allies continue the 860-mile-long trek of the "America's Journey for Justice." Read More

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